Friday, August 23, 2013


So for about six months or so I've been a blogger on the SkinnyMom website and have kind of neglected this blog and my Georgia Public Broadcasting gig.  I'm sorry!!!  Hopefully soon all of that will change.  In the meantime though if you're missing my posts, shimmy on down to SkinnyMom and reconnect with me! :) 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Changing Our Dreams

Yesterday my man and I went to an open house for a new christian school opening up in our county.  This school is a University Model School which means that it is a hybrid home school and in class school.  Two days a week the students sit in a class room and receive instruction from a certified teacher and three days a week they work on "home work."  Our oldest has had some struggles this school year, none of which are actually academic.  Needless to say, he has been incredibly frustrated (as have we) and his frustration is beginning to carry over into other areas of his life.  Our once school-obsessed child who would drag himself to school despite sickness simply because he was afraid he'd miss some important instruction or time with his teacher, instead has been begging to stay home.  Our only saving grace this school year has been his gifted instructor that unfortunately only teaches him once a week.  Seth and I met with his teacher and principal numerous times to see what could be done to help him enjoy the rest of the school year and unfortunately, still we felt like our stinker's needs were being left unmet.  I do feel like the principal listened to our concerns and tried to make changes however, they were a little too late and some of these changes created an almost hostile learning environment for our son.  Not a week goes by that our son doesn't spend at least one school day in the nurses office at school for "unexplained stomach cramps."  We knew it was time to start exploring our other options. 

Now if you're reading this and sympathizing with my son's teacher, let me clarify.  I am an educator myself.  In fact, I teach in the very same school district.  I'm hesitant to write anything that would put our district or public education system in a poor light and that's not what I'm doing.  I work with some of the best teachers in the nation and truly believe that we are one of the best public school systems in the state.  But this model is no longer working for our family.  I'd always thought my students would go through the public school system.  I did and I've turned out okay.   Seth went to private school and also had a positive experience.  We believe in each family making a decision for themselves about where and what kind of education their children would participate in.  I've been feeling a tug for awhile about where to send our children and I've reviewed several private schools, all of which are WAY out of the price range for a preacher and a teacher.  I had come to the conclusion that private school was just not a possibility for us.  Until I came across NAUMS. 

We're not completely sold yet because this is a major decision for our family.  It's going to take lots of prayer because right now it'll mean that my husband will be doing the bulk of educating our children.  He will need to quit his second job which also means less income to pay off our bills and debt.  But for the first time in a while I feel relieved to know that we have some viable options.  Caleb is excited about the possibility of only sitting in the class room twice a week but also saddened at the fact that he'll be leaving a group of friends that have been constant companions since Pre-K.  This is a decision that we will not make lightly, it'll be steeped in prayer.  But I'm confident that I have a God that cares about even our smallest concerns and dreams and that no matter what we choose, it'll be a decision in which He is a part.  What decisions are you praying about right now?  Are you trying to handle them on your own or is God directing your path? 

Psalms 119 :105 "Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."