Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things in the Works

Okay so my last post was a bit...heavy? I think that's the word. One person described it as raw and honest. It wasn't really meant to be much of anything but I do admit, it was a bit cathartic. Anyway, I've decided that my next few posts will be a little lighter! :)

So, I've been attempting to get back into my couponing habit because between work, church and my stinkers at home, I've not had alot of time to clip coupons. Seth and I are trying really hard to get ourselves out of debt and with his student loans now being paid monthly, we're not seeing much of a change in our debt load because we now have to take money that was being paid on credit cards to now cover student loans.

It cracked me up the other day or rather irritated me a little bit when Seth came to me and said, "Hey! I was speaking with one of my old college buddies and his wife does all of this couponing through some website and saves a ton of money a month! You should try that!" Ummmm...was he not paying attention last summer when I was spending maybe $40 in groceries and saving at least the same amount?? When he told me what website the girl was using, I was even more irritated! It was the same website I had been using for the last year or so AND THEN when I asked him what else the wife did, he said, "Um, I don't know...stays home with their kids?" YEAH! So this super couponing woman was doing everything I had done when I had time to do it and didn't have to work outside of the home. I'm sure she has time to scourer couponing websites and clip coupons. He didn't notice when his own wife did the same thing but he sure noticed when some random woman did!!! Okay...vent over....light and fluffy post beginning again! :)

SO, I decided to once again begin reviewing my favorite couponing sites instead of scanning the emails and deleting them. :) I've found some great deal sites too and am combining the two. I did a tester the other day to see if I still had it. I spent $36 in groceries at Target and saved a little over $11. Not bad for only using four or five coupons. That $36 included a pack of diapers, two bottles of vitamins, tooth paste and enough food for three nights of dinners. It wasn't bad but I can definitely do better!

Today I bought a deal for the website E-Mealz. My best friend has been using this website for about two or three years now and loves it. The deal was half off for a year's membership. Here's what the website says about the meal plans: E-Mealz has been created to provide a kid-friendly and family-uniting meal planning resource for busy Moms and frugal family cooks. Each meal plan is based on the current sales at the grocery stores, with plan options categorized according to store and/or weight management strategy. The recipes are delicious, simple and easy to follow. Each plan is new every week and has a corresponding aisle-by-aisle grocery list. Almost every week includes a crock-pot recipe and easy dinner ideas. There are meal plans for two people, for a low fat diet, a low carb diet, and for those who are following a point system, as well!

Exciting stuff! With the coupons, E-Mealz and my determination, it shouldn't be too hard for me to really start saving us some money. I'm excited and can't wait to see what comes of all of this!

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