Sunday, January 16, 2011

Daniel Fast - Day 5-7

I know I'm late posting Day 5 and 6 but I was FINALLY able to get out of the house and I really didn't get a chance to sit down and post!

Friday I went out the grocery store and got so excited when I discovered the Jewish section of the grocery store! SO many Daniel Fast approved things at one place! I spent entirely too much money but it was totally worth it!

Saturday I had a baby shower to go to so Caleb and I went and left Eli and daddy at home. It was actually probably the first time I really struggled with being on the fast. The shower was at a yummy pizza restaurant and of course, they had garlic knots and pizza and cake! I'm not normally a cake person but I so wanted that cake. Luckily the girls that worked there were nice enough to make me a salad that I could eat and to bring me olive oil and vinegar for dressing. Saturday night we took Caleb to our first ever hockey game. Seth and I did cheat some because we felt it was a special night so we shared a thing of crinkle fries. They were the "healthiest" thing we could find that we felt weren't ruining the fast. We had such a great time. It was a cancer awareness night and also "teddy toss" night where you donate a teddy bear or small stuffed animal and throw it on the ice the first time the home team makes a goal. It was pretty awesome to see all of the teddies get tossed onto the ice.

Today (Sunday) we had church (of course) and then came home. I got to spend the morning with a bunch of cuties (including mine) in the nursery and I must say, I had more energy to enjoy them then I normally do. When I left I'm not sure I had much make-up left on after allowing all of the boys to use me as a climbing platform. It was worth it though. So much fun! Tonight I plan on making vegetable soup. We had Mexican Rice and beans for lunch and I had a banana for breakfast. We're off once again tomorrow for Martin Luther King Day...not that I am complaining about having a day off but I'm SOOOO ready to be back on a schedule.

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