Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meatless Mondays (Daniel Fast - Days 16-17)

I've decided I'm making my family go meatless...well, at least on Mondays! I'm joining the Mealess Monday campaign which encourages its members to go Meatless on Monday every week. The idea is that Monday sets you up for the rest of the week and if you start off your week healthy, you may continue it that way.

During the Daniel Fast there really haven't been A LOT of things that I've craved...and the things that I have really craved haven't been meat. I do confess that I would like a nice juicy hamburger and a turkey wrap from Rolly Polly but other than those two things, I'm good. For the majority of things, we've already gone organic and even when I do buy meat it is organic. For awhile I've considered becoming vegetarian but the idea scares me and I know that Seth would struggle with it. He is DEFINITELY a meat man and I think completely going vegetarian might start a world war in our house. I do think though that I'm going to try my hardest to make myself vegetarian options whenever I cook dinner. I'm not completely ready to make my kids meatless either because I want to ensure that they are getting enough protein. But I do want to make them more conscientious about WHAT they're eating.

So as I'm finishing this Daniel Fast segment of my blog, what are some of the things that God has spoken to you during your fasting?

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