Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 2- Daniel Fast 2012

Okay, now that you have one full day of the Daniel Fast under your belt, it's time to start REALLY setting aside some serious prayer and God time. During a fast we are to consecrate or sanctify our time unto God. This should be different from our every day life. If we are simply giving up something but NOT replacing it with God time, then we are really just dieting or abstaining. (Thank you Seth for that quote :) ).

What time are you setting apart for God? How is God calling you to sanctify your life? To set you apart from others? What is God calling you to do for Him??

On a separate note, I'm making Black Bean Burgers for the first time today! I'm excited to see how they are going to turn out. I'm realizing that I probably should have made them yesterday and refridgerated them all day today but I'm hoping that they'll turn out okay today if I bake them first and then place them in the skillet...we shall see!!!! Stay tuned!!!!

Here is the recipe I'm using: You can decide whether or not to use Egg in yours. There are some good egg replacers you can find or there are several recipes that don't use egg. You can also use potatoes in place of egg and oatmeal in place of bread crumbs. Seth and I are not doing a "strict" Daniel Fast this year. We're abstaining from meat mainly and most processed foods, etc.

Some changes I made to this recipe include: Using Italian breadcrumbs, and adding Lipton Onion Soup Mix. They were soooo yummy! My oldest son liked them better than regular hamburgers!!! (I added a not so great picture)


Kaenja said...

Made some spicy black bean burgers today myself. I read the sentence about the "Potato and oatmeal" substitution highlighted in google's list of results and ran with it :-) Was so happy!
I only now came back, actually clicked on your link read your entire post and saw that we were both making black bean burgers.Go figure. Lol
All the best as you consecrate yourself before the Lord during this fast.
This is my first time doing a Daniel's fast specifically but seeking God's face and knowing his will is sooo worth the sacrifice. God bless you!

Ckinneer said...

Thanks Kaenja! How did your burgers turn out? Mine were okay but fell apart easily.